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So happy to finally join you

Hi Team My son Teddy has been desperate to join Koko Club for over a year now, and asks every night without fail. This week I decided to surprise him by subscribing. When I say that no gift has been so well received as this I am not exaggerating. Without Koala Moon I don’t know what Teddy and I would do and we are so thrilled to join the club. Please could you say hello to Teddy in a future episode, it would make him the happiest boy that lived. Thank you so much for your calming, warm presence in our lives. You are truly making a difference. Alex and Teddy

Kia Ora again

Hi there, I’ve now upgraded to a yearly subscription (it wasn’t very clear when signing up as monthly seemed to be the only option). We’d be hugely grateful if you could please do a shout out for our daughter Lily. Many thanks, Mel

Fluorite the Dragon Goes on an Adventure

Hi, my name is AJ I have been a member of the Koala Club for over 6 months and I have loved all the amazing stories. Emerald the Dragon has been one of my new favorites. I also go to hear my voice on the Pod the other day and that was exciting. Now on to the story idea. I really like crystal and emerald was a perfect name for a Dragon. I thought about different crystals I liked and I thought of the name Fluorite the Dragon. The story starts with Fluorite who wants to go on an adventure from Canada to the Sleepy Forest. Along the way he meets Koko and Kira. They show him around the forest and play games but then he offers to take them to Canada. Koko and Kira get onto Fluorite's back and they fly to the Sleeping Giant Mountain in Thunder Bay ON named Nanabijou. He shows them his cave that he lives in. The opening is near the armpit of the Giant Mountain. They saw crystals along the wall of the cave, fluorite told them that he brought this with him from Russia where he came from and that this crystal is what he is named after. Please add what you need to make this a great story. I really love hearing Abby tell stories and would love if my story was written and read on the Pod! Thanks so much! Your friend AJ

Shout-Out Request

Hello! We found your podcast when our then-6-year-old daughter, Charlie, was having a panic attack at bedtime. We couldn’t find anything to help her calm down and started searching for “kids meditations” when she heard your beautiful show. Charlie and her little brother, Heath, have since listened to you nightly ever since. Thank you for your wonderful storytelling and the lessons you provide. Charlie (now almost 8) and Heath (4) from Niles, Michigan would love to hear their names one night. 🤍

Birthday Shoutout

Hi! We were hoping for a birthday shoutout! Maeve from Minnesota turned 6 years old today, May 21st!! She listens to the podcast every night and has heard all of the episodes multiple times!! Thank you for all the wonderful stories!!!