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New member Shout out

Hi Team my son Hamish has been listening to Koko Sleep and recommending it to his friends for a while now. Hamish has ADHD so he finds it hard to settle to sleep and your stories have been an amazing help with him being asleep by the end of the episode most nights and if not by half way through a second one. Thank you so much for making our bedtimes much more pleasant! We are from New Zealand at the bottom of the world and have loved the stories about NZ and Aussie animals. If you could shout him out as Hamish from New Zealand and his bear friend Brian it would make his day.

Shout out please!

My daughter Evie (Ev-E) Cate loves the Koko Club and falls asleep each night to your lovely, relaxing voice! She writes stories of her own for you. And would love to hear her name. Appreciate you!

Shoutout request

Hello, my daughter Melissa (6 and three quarters) would love to hear her name in the shout outs, although I doubt she will get to sleep quickly that night! Discovering this podcast was a dream (this is Melissa’s statement. She thinks it will make you laugh because you make her dream)

Story suggestion!

Hi! Thank you for doing what you do, it helps puts our kiddos (Paige 6, Griffin 2) to sleep at night. Our daughter, Paige, has been wanting to send in a sleep story request idea for months! She suggested either a story about a Dragon and a Unicorn who have to work together and use their magic to restore happiness to other creatures in the sleepy forest or a kitten (Jewely) and puppy(Koda) who help out other creatures in sleepy forest. I know a story might be a long shot, so even a shout out would really surprise them! Cheers! -Leslie

Eliza from the UK

Hi there. We have just subscribed to your show. Eliza listens every single night before bed, she LOVES all the stories! Can she have a shout out please?