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Potato and beans Q&A

Dear Potato & Beans, I'm your biggest fan, Emma. Cat stories are my favorite. My question for P&B is: How did you meet? Where you kittens? How did you start the diner? I would like to suggest a story where Potato and Beans are kittens. I hope we hear more stories about you because you are my favorites. Your most loyal customer *teehee* Emma

Birthday shoutout for the biggest Koala Moon fan and newest 9 year old!

Hi there! We have been tuning in from Christchurch, England and my daughter has been a long time Koala Moon listener and as a little one that REALLY struggles with sleep, your episodes have been instrumental in helping Layla get the sleep she needs! For her 9th birthday (on June 17th) we FINALLY got her the Koko Club subscription and she would be over the absolute moon if you shouted out Layla. Thank you so much for this incredible podcast I can't imagine how many littles ones peacefully drift off because of it!

Birthday shout out

Hi! Could we have a birthday shout out for Ember who is turning 7 on 17th June? Thanks 🤓

Hi hi good

When is abbes birthday and kokos to🐨🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Story Idea

Hi Koala Moon! My name is Aeryn and I live in South Africa. I would like to pass on a story suggestion that I have been thinking about since your story the Moon Cat's Pajama Party. I was thinking that all of the popular dogs of the podcast could all go the water park together! I would be delighted if you used my idea. Kind Regards Aeryn 🐨💜