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Story idea

Hello Abbe, my kids, Ella and Celine have been asking for a potato and beans story. They also asked if lily and jake could crossover and make the put some spells on the food to make it do some silly stuff or come alive. Thanks you!

Dark theme for supercast

Dear Abbe and Koala Moon family, we LOVE your stories. They really really help settle down and relax when we are have a hard time quieting the mind. We listen several times a week even though my daughter is 10 years old. She loves the slow paced, no stress stories to sleep. Abbe's voice is the most soothing voice we have ever heard. Our favorite stories feature cats, so we always look forward to those especially. One request from Mum is, can you make the supercast site a dark themed site like koala fm? It is super bright and hard in the eyes in a dark room, even with the screen light turned all the way down. Thank you for a wonderful life saving podcast. Much love

shoutout request

Hi! My children Hailey, Jack and Nathan listen every night. We all love the podcast. Can you give them a shoutout in an upcoming episode? Thank you!

Story suggestion

Hi team, My son Teddy (7) and Koala Moon super fan has asked that I share his story idea with you. “I thought of this story for you. It is about a rubber ducky who is a pirate. He helps a plumber on an adventure down a magical drain where they meet a friendly monster and discover the treasure of friendship.” He understands you may not be able to use his story idea but was just excited to share it with you. Thanks for all the magical adventures! Alex and Teddy

Hi hi good

When is your birthday If it is in june that whuld be cool😎