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A Christmas polar bear.

Dear wonderful magical Abbey. I am so delighted that i can finally talk to you after 2 two whole years. My question is can we have a video not mediation about a polar bear who lost her magical scarf that gives her powers and she gets a even better scarf for Christmas. And pretty please can the polar bears name be Tiny Terry. And can they be like Hector and sunny so you make heaps of videos about him. I hope you have a good Christmas and a relaxing holiday. It would be my Christmas dream if you make this idea come true. Thank you for your time Abbey. From your hugest fan.

Stuffies coming to life?!

We have just joined as Premium members as my youngest daughter (age 7) found Koko Sleeps on Spotify and wanted to listen every night. After gauging her “real” interest for a month, it was obviously a true interest for her - and a great group to support! We’d love a shout out to Dana (pronounces Dayna) My daughter has a story suggestion, and she will take over here (I only helped with spellings): A little girl named Diana has a bunch of stuffies and in winter they come alive. In December they help the elf’s choose a hiding spot after they come back but one day on the 19’th of December they need more help! the help they needed was the stuffies needed to go to the North Pole and help the elf’s make presents for all around the world!


How can I get koko club to work on Apple podcasts


Why did you not say my name in the last episode

Story suggestion - meet Jonah

Our daughter, Rainbow, loves your podcast. I’ve begun telling our own made up stories based on your format when we aren’t able to use a speaker to listen to you. I stumbled on a character we decided to name Jonah and Rainbow asks for Jonah stories when she can’t fall asleep. Jonah goes on adventures everywhere - from visiting Rainbow in her castle to going to the beach to look at stars. Every story ends with Jonah at the end of his day - resting and falling asleep. Rainbow would love to hear where you could take a story with Jonah!