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Thank you!

Hi! We’ve just subscribed to Premium after many months of listening on Spotify. Your stories really help my 7 year old nod off to sleep, and also me and my partner on occasion! My daughter, Florence, would absolutely LOVE to get a shout out on an episode. She loves the Sunny and Hector stories. Now we’ve subscribed we will work our way back through the Premium content. Thank you for your podcast. It is head and shoulders above other similar ones.

Nessie and Koko in ancient Greece

Hello, I am Sophia, I am 8 years old and I live on London. I love Koko Sleep and I listen an episode almost every night. I would like to know when the next Nessy episode is coming up. Also as I am Part-Greek I would like to hear a story about Koko going to ancient Greece. ❤️ 🐨🇬🇷🏛️ Many thanks, Sophia Psarros

Sunny and hector may save the planet?

Hello! I was wondering if you could use my story ideas in a story and give me a shout-out. I have been listening since the start on a different account and I just recently became a subscriber! here are my story ideas: Hector and Sunny save the planet: hector and sunny are having a walk on the beach when sunny senses an adventure coming then Sidney the squirrel comes and hector and sunny ask what adventure they are having and Sidney says that they can be heroes and save the planet by cleaning the litter at the beach I hope it will also encourage more people to be like sunny and hector by doing that as well! from aggie xx

New Subscriber in Wisconsin!

Thank you so much for the wonderful podcast. It has been a game changer for my son's anxiety at bedtime and getting him relaxed and ready to sleep. We are nightly listeners and so grateful for Koko sleep to be a part of our bedtime routine. My son's name is Henry and he is so excited about the idea of getting a shoutout on the Podcast!

New subscriber from Canada!

Hi my son Anson loves your program, he listens to it every night before bedtime and it really helps him. Thank you so much for your lovely stories.