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Hello from Michael and Oliver in Michigan, USA!

Hi there! Michael and Oliver listen to the podcast every single night and even insisted on listening during our recent trip to visit family! They have been patiently waiting until they've completed *all* the free episodes available before mom (that's me) would upgrade to the premium subscription for them, and now here we are! Finally! They have no idea this has happened and I hope to keep it that way until their wish is granted and they hear a special shoutout from their favorite storyteller, Abbe. I know it may be awhile, but could we please get a shoutout whenever is possible? We've got nothing but time! Our lives were turned upside down last year when dad moved out and bedtime became a chore. Between sadness and runaway imaginations we had more nights in mom's bed than their own. Thank you for making bedtime so much easier and giving my boys something happy to dream about every night (and getting them back in their own beds). This podcast found us at just the right time and we couldn't be more grateful. Sending all our love and support for the amazing work you do ❤️❤️

Hello from North Yorkshire -and a story idea!

Dana - your biggest 7-year-old fan - has an idea. She recently received a plushy pink koala for a gift and named her Penny. She found a mysterious kind note in her cardboard house dana made today. It was a from Penny! It’s a mystery and she needs help! Maybe Koko knows about mysteries? Can Koko tell us the story?

Birthday shout out

Aubree is turning 5 on may 3rd and would love a shoutout on an episode! She loves listening to koko every night we listen. She always asks if abbe will ever say her name💖

New subscribers from Utah!

Hello from Utah! Sawyer(6) and Paisyn (4) have been loyal listeners every night during bedtime for the past year listening to the same stories over and over until finally convincing their parents to subscribe for all the episodes. Paisyn just turned 4 and Sawyer turns 7 in June. They have been asking about a shoutout for months and would be very excited & surprised to hear their names in a future episode. Thanks for all you do!

Birthday shout out

Abbe, you just replied to me and I want to make sure you shout out my daughters name not me! “Aubree” is turning 5 may 3rd. Thank you SO much for this she is going to be so so excited!