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Shout out for joining premium

Hello, We subscribed recently for my child's birthday. They love the podcasts thank you! They'd love to hear a shout-out in one of your episodes for Jasper and Theo from Tasmania

Shout out for joining premium 😁

Hello, I get bugged endlessly every night to put on bedtime story. My kids really enjoy the stories. Please can you do a shoutout for Larissa and Johandré from Auckland, New Zealand. No Koalas here only Kiwis 😁 Cheers Francois

Johandre Pronunciation

Hi, both audio clips have the correct pronunciation. Thanks. Can't wait to hear the shout-out😁

Shoutout request

Thanks for the instagram video on how to do this! I have been thinking I need to find out so my daughter can hopefully get a shoutout somewhere near her 7th birthday (April 28). We listen every night and are big fans! Her name is Sage from Concord, Ohio. Thanks so much!

Shout Out Request

My daughter is anxiously awaiting to hear her name on the list of new Koko Club members! Her name is Selah from New York City (pronounced sell-uh). Thank you!