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Shout-out request for Thomas and Niamh

Hi, my children have loved listening to Koala Moon bedtime stories on their Yoto players and we have just signed up to the yearly subscription. They would love a shout out please! Their names are Thomas and Niamh (pronounced Neev) and they're listening in Kildare, Ireland. Thank you! Elaine

Shout out for Cora and Finn

Hi! We subscribed a few weeks ago and our free trial is over and we’re committed. Cora and Finn from Melbourne Australia are listening every night for their shout out. Hopefully you can squeeze them into an upcoming episode. Thanks!

New subscribers

Ada and Libby from Oregon

How to listen to premium stories?

Hello I just signed up for premium But when I go to the Website it's still wants me to click a link to unlock Access and then takes me to a new login page. Is there is there a way To make it where login every time Is not necessary and it simply appears On the web site in the device that I normally use?

New member mention

9 yo Alma from BC, Canada has been a new member for about a month now. She loves your podcast would love a mention. Thank you!