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Yearly Shout Out Request

Hi there! I just renewed our subscription for the SECOND year in a row and my son would LOVE to hear his name called out. He's asked me every day for the past two years and it would mean the WORLD to him! His name is Cooper and is 9 years old. Your podcast brings him comfort while his Dad is deployed with the Navy so thank you for the little peace you bring him and to so many other children! Shyann Caldwell

Transfer to spotify

I subscribed on Google podcast and that's over. Please tell me how to move my account to Spotify. I'd rather not double pay

Shout out Request

Hi there! Your podcast has been the anchor to our bedtime routine for our 6 year old daughter, Winnie. She listens to you every night and we listen along with her as she drifts off to sleep. She would love to hear her name at the beginning of one of your podcasts. Her name is Winnie and she is from Vermont, USA! Thank you so much for providing this wonderful experience!


Hi From Cameron and Mom Paulina listening in Ireland

Shout Out to New Member

Hi, My daughter, Norah from Brooklyn, has been waiting so long for her name to be shouted out. I pay for a subscription, and she listens every night. Can you add her to the queue, please? Thank you- Michelle