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Shout Out

Our littles love listening to your podcast every night & would adore a shout out! We signed up for premium about a month ago. James and Anna of Rockford, Michigan.


Hello to all! My daughter Lila Rosa is obsessed with your bedtime stories and would be over the moon if she got a shout out. Also I wanted to thank everyone on your team for the work that you do, you e helped my daughter with her anxiety so much. Xoxoxo Lila and Maya

Name typo!

Hello, I realized I made a typo, my daughter is name Lila Rose, not Lila Rosa. Could you please let abbe know? Thanks so much!

Shout out follow up

Good morning! It's been a bit over a month since asking for a shout out. We've had some obligations over that month that have made us miss the podcast often. I'm writing to ask if maybe we've missed the shout out and if so if you could point us to the episode. If it hasn't happened yet I would love to add that Willow is from New Jersey and listens whenever possible with her best stuffie Mouse Mouse. Lately when we listen we all have to cross our fingers that her name will be mentioned. Thanks for bringing such joy and peace to my daughter.

Hello new friends!

My son, Jeremiah Joseph loves Koko stories every night! I’m so excited for the bonus episodes now 🥰 thank you for making bed time that much more exciting for him! Warm regards 🫶🏼