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Appreciation and A Quick Question for Hector and Sunny

My daughter, Annabel, loves listening to both Koala Moon and Koala Shine. She was so happy a couple weeks ago to hear her fish joke on alien episode of Koala Shine. We recently changed from monthly subscribers to yearly, and she's been not-so-patiently waiting for a shout-out. After listening to the Jupiter Twins Q&A, Annabel wanted to ask a question: Where can you find the secret holes to transport to somewhere else?

Hello from London!

Good afternoon! Thank you so much for putting so much time into these episodes, my daughter Elena has always had trouble sleeping and now sleeps much more easily. I think we joined back in December but never asked for a shoutout, is it possible to include her please? We live in London and it's pronounced like 'Eleanor' but with an 'a' instead of an 'or' (Also, funny question but: did you know that koko ('o' as in 'pot') is Maltese for 'poo'? It makes us giggle everytime we open spotify, even though you don't say it that way!)

Shout out

Aubree has been listening to koko since she was three and she is turning six and would love a shout out!

Shoutout request! 🙏

We purchased a subscription of koala moon for my daughter Imogen for her 6th birthday in April. She would love a shout out and keeps asking when she will get hers, and I keep forgetting to ask for one!! Her name is Imogen Prigmore 😃

A little birthday request

Hi Abbe, my sons Atharv (8yo) and Kanishk (4yo) are a great fan of your stories. They are particularly fond of Hector and Sunny. Their birthday are on 24th June and 1 July. Would you be able to give them a shout out in your upcoming Hector and Sunny story?