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Hi there, We just signed up for the Koko Moon premium subscription. I’m hoping you could give a shout out to my kiddos who listen every night! Their names are Tyler(8) and Aubrey(6) from Washington State. Thank you so much! Corrin Warren

Shout out

I'm looking for a shout out for my daughter Tahlia. She's gotten a general shout out from the Thalia episode where all Talia's were recognized. :)

New koko club member

My son's name is Nigel. He's a 4 year old from Connecticut in the USA and he adores Abbe. I would love for him to hear his name on a future episode. It would mean the world to him.

Shout out request

Hi - I was hoping to get a shout out request for my daughter Adelaide and son Luke from New Jersey. Thank you!

Shout Out

Hi! Near the beginning of January I previously submitted a shout out request at "" Is that also a correct place to ask for that? I'll repeat my daughter's shout out request here just in case!... Isabelle from Manitowoc, Wisconsin Thank you! 🥰