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Story suggestion!

Hi! Thank you for doing what you do, it helps puts our kiddos (Paige 6, Griffin 2) to sleep at night. Our daughter, Paige, has been wanting to send in a sleep story request idea for months! She suggested either a story about a Dragon and a Unicorn who have to work together and use their magic to restore happiness to other creatures in the sleepy forest or a kitten (Jewely) and puppy(Koda) who help out other creatures in sleepy forest. I know a story might be a long shot, so even a shout out would really surprise them! Cheers! -Leslie

Bears husky’s and food

Dear abbey Please can we have a video were there a bear named Tiny Terry and a Husky named Wiloy and can they be like sunny and hector and can they have magical items that gives them powers and can the bear have a scarf that gives him the power of food snowballs and food snowstorms. Thank you


Can we have a video about Tiny Terry a bear and Wiloy a husky which love eating have have super powers Thank you so much

Christmas polar bears

Abbey may we please have a video not meditation of a polar bear that has lost her magical scarf which gives her powers. Thank you so much Abbey. I would love to have a video about my idea. I have listened to you for as soon as you started. So I am a huge faN.

Detective pickuch.