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New subscriber shout out

Hi- I just submitted one of these but didn't finish putting in the information! We upgraded my daughter Claire to Koko Club Premium as her birthday present and she is absolutely thrilled. We've been listening for over a year now so this was long overdue! I tell everyone how amazing your podcast is. Anyways, now that she is a subscriber, she has been asking me if she is going to get a shout out. So that's why I am here! Her name is Claire and she is 6 years old from California. Thanks!


FYI, pavlova comes from New Zealand :)

Shout out for new subscribers

Hi, we just joined, but I can’t find the Ask Me Anything feature. Just this. My child Lara-Wren is a big fan and would love to hear their name read. Thank you!

Kate is 8!

Our daughter Kate, from Lodi California, loves falling asleep to Koala Moon! So much so that she asked for a premium subscription for her 8th birthday (her favorite number) so she could listen to all the episodes! My wife and I couldn’t say no. She now enjoys searching through past episodes for ones she hasn’t heard and gets so excited when new episodes come out. I know that getting a shoutout would mean the world to her. Thanks for all you do!

Kia Ora from New Zealand

My daughter, Lily, is a huge fan! We have just subscribed as your podcast helps her to relax before bed. I realise from your comments that shout outs can take up to a month. I was wondering if it would be possible to please try to have a shout out for her on the 25th of June, as it will be her birthday. She’ll be turning 7. Kind regards, Mel