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New subscriber

Hello! I just subscribed for my son Lowen. From Canada :) He would love to be featured in a future episode. Thank you

We upgraded to annual membership :)

Hi everyone, I requested a shout out on 4th March for Addison (aged 8) and Cassidy (aged 4), two sisters from Glasgow, Scotland - we listen to your stories every night and the girls are big fans, so much so we upgraded to the annual subscription - keep up the good work and thanks! I know a shout out can take a long time because of the sheer demand now (which is great to see). Thanks!

Does Koko like…

Hi! Does Koko like soccer? What is his favorite sport? -Cooper Maine USA

Shout out for Canadian subscribers

Hello! We have been subscribers for over a year I think now! Could my daughter Dylanna from BC Canada get a shout out in a future episode? She's been waiting patiently and would be so happy 😊

New Koko Club Member!

Please give a special shoutout to Georgia Jones from Grapevine, Texas! Thank you!