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Story idea

Aubree has been listening to koko for almost two years. Every night she asks for “a koko” and falls right asleep. She wanted to submit a story idea for hector and sunny to meet a lady bug! She would also love a shout out if possible!

Shout-out request!

Hello! Hoping for a shout-out for Paige and her mom, Brooke, in Pennsylvania ☺️ Paige especially loves Peanut the Armadillo, if there are any upcoming Peanut episodes. Thank you!

Yearly subscriber shout out

Hi there, we’ve just signed up for a yearly subscription (under Rebecca Ross) and would love a shout out for my son. His name is Theo and he listens to Koko Sleep/Koala Moon every night!

Shout out request

Hello. My daughter's name is Chloe all the way from South Africa. She never goes to sleep without her episodes of Koko sleep and we would love a shout out, it would make our bedtime even more exciting. I listen to the stories as a Mom even when she is not at home with me. We love Koala!

New yearly member shout out

Hi, we've just set up a yearly account for my daughter Elsie, who lives in Plymouth, UK. She would love a shout out. The account is under Jon Clargo. Thanks!